How We Do It..

How We Do It..

How We Do It

– We generate exclusive, customer-driven leads!  By quickly connecting with, and qualifying, prospective Sellers, we surpass other lead-generating sources in volume and cost-effectiveness. Research shows that inbound leads convert at a much higher rate than clicks to a website, and increase closing percentages and ROI much more effectively than traditional lead sources, like company internet ads. 

– We are lead-qualifying specialists!  With over 40 years of telemarketing experience and accumulated qualifying expertise, we have the know-how to produce the best leads available in the Business Brokering Marketplace today.

– We give Business Brokers a major competitive advantage!  The Business Brokering Industry is an extremely competitive. Our live transfer lead services enable you to quickly increase your company’s productivity by boosting Seller Listing Appointments. We virtually put you “at the table” with interested, well-qualified prospects, eager to hear about your Business Brokerage Services.

– We go above and beyond just generating leads.  We provide superior, personalized services to qualified New Potential Seller Listing Prospects with a “hand-holding” approach that successfully guides Sellers through the obstacles and challenges that can arise while making this very important financial decision.

– We connect quickly with your target audience.  We know what it takes to get that very important commitment. By immediately and directly connecting with Sellers who are currently shopping for a Professional Business Broker. Our high-quality live transfer leads have the ability to increase your conversion rate by 200% and more! 

– We save your company many hours of low-yield prospecting and cold-calling. We know that it can be difficult and extremely time-consuming to continually search for good Profitable Businesses for you to list and sell. Our team uses specialized targeting strategies to continually generate well-qualified Seller Listing Prospects for your company more efficiently. 

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