Listing Appts

Listing Appts


Hot Leads. Business Seller Listing Appts.

We believe in Quality over Quantity. Our job is to sort through hundreds of potential Business Seller Listing Appt leads in your Market Place.. And only send to the Business Broker a set Appt that includes the 3 most recent Federal Tax Returns for the Business a PNL and a current Balance Sheet.

Our Business Seller Listing Appts are a valuable resource to our Business Broker Community and provides a Listing opportunity for Business Brokers..The extensive research employed by our company provides critical and timely information to all parties involved in the listing Appt process in regards to potentially offering a Valuation for the Business Seller..

Just tell us what City or County you would like your Business Seller listing appts to be in, and we will set the Appts for you.

Business Lead King uses a highly specialized Data Mining process for creating the Business Seller Appts for the Business Broker Professional that also include information on the Commercial Real Estate property involved in the sale.

Our Goal is to help your Business Broker office succeed by providing Brokers like you with Motivated Business Seller Opportunities that are set Appts with financial information and a desire to sell Now!.

We also have available in a EBook a Business Appt Setting Guide that trains you and your Business Broker Associates how to successfully obtain Appts..

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